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Tozer Air Conditioning & Electrical have been installing split system air conditioning systems in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Maitland, Singelton and Port Stephens for the past 24 years

General Overview

Daikin Split Systems are ideal for air conditioning one room or a specific area of a home. A wide variety of models are offered to suit your requirements and are available in either wall mounted or floor standing type.
Wall Mounted Split System-min
Wall Mounted Split System 2-min

Daikin - Fujitsu - Panasonic

Daikin is renowned for its quiet indoor and outdoor units due to the advanced technology in the compressor, fan and motor. Split systems are available in Reverse Cycle (providing cooling in summer and heating in winter).

They have easy-to-operate back lit remote control and programmed settings as well as a host of innovative features. Below is the Daikin range of Split System air conditioners. Wall Splits are available using either R410A or R32 Refrigerant. R32 refrigerant is a long running industry standard refrigerant whereas R410A is the latest advancement in refrigerants.

As a guide, 2-5kW models are for small to medium sized rooms or areas of a home and 5-8kW models are for medium to large living areas. Daikin is constantly working to develop and produce systems that have the lowest running costs in the industry. The new Daikin Super Inverter split system incorporates 95 patented features that help to save on energy costs.

Life is meant to be easy...

Some specific model features include: Intelligent eye, an infrared sensor with the ability to sense human movement in a room. When you are in the room, the air conditioner operates normally. If you leave the room for more than 20 minutes the air conditioner automatically changes to energy saving operation.

24Hr ON/OFF Timer which can be preset to start and stop the air conditioner at any time within a 24 hour period. Once the times are set, the air conditioner can be operated for a period by simply pressing the ON or OFF timer buttons.

Life is meant to be easy:

All of the advances in technology allow Daikin to incorporate innovative and unique product features that provide the optimum in air conditioned comfort. All Daikin air conditioners are designed to be very user friendly too, as they should be


Standard Split Air Conditioning System Installation Includes:


Re-enforced concrete pad under the outdoor unit or galvanised brackets or plastic feet


Anti- Vibration waffle pad under outdoor unit


Colourbond channel or cover over pipe work in your chosen standard Colourbond colour


Approved circuit breaker and electrical wiring


Highest quality Australian standard refrigeration copper pipe


Insulation on all refrigerant pipes


Installed by licensed trades persons


All rubbish removed from the site


The company and the installers are qualified and registered with occupational health and safety

Why Trust Tozer Air Conditioning?

Aircon 2

Reason 1

TOZER Air Conditioning has $20,000,000.00 public liability insurance.

Reason 2

TOZER Air Conditioning are warranty agents for all systems supplied.

Reason 3

TOZER Air Conditioning has been operating for over 24 years.

Reason 4

TOZER Air Conditioning maintain and service all their equipment.

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